Lisa is an art teacher and freelance illustrator specialising in Children’s Literature, currently based in London.


She has had a love for drawing for as long as she can remember, and rhyming and picture books have been lifelong friends of hers. She is at her happiest when illustrating, and relishes the challenge of telling a story through pictures, in a way that is uniquely that story's own. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, which has grown her passion for inspiring children and nurturing their imaginations through art and reading.

Her illustrations are colourful, vibrant and full of whimsy. She works traditionally and digitally, and is skilled at combining both methods to create captivating imagery.


Lisa has a unique ability to transform her clients’ literary ideas into engaging visuals, artfully bringing them to life through her illustrations. Not only has she provided the artwork for various author-published picture books, but she has also self-published two of her own children’s books. Lisa conducts author-visits and artist-visits at schools, running art workshops based on the characters she has created.


Among many achievements, Lisa was invited to read one of her self-published picture books and run a workshop at the Kingsmead Book Fair in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was accepted to exhibit and display her work at both the Summer and Winter House of Illustration Fairs in London.

You can contact Lisa at

Commissioned work:

Full Moon Festivities- Self-published, South Africa

Christmas in Africa- Self-published, a collaboration with Margie Peel, South Africa

Crabbie- Private Client, UK

A Bear in Mayfair- Private Client, London

Dolly Doughnut- Private Client, UK

Seasonal illustrations (Social Media)- Goose Lane Recruitment Agency, London

The Pig with a Wig- Evelyn Anders, London

5 Principle values illustrations - Mitchell House School, Squirrels nest, South Africa

School illustration (Social Media)- Eaton House the Manor School, London

Goat with a Note- Evelyn Anders, London




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