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About Lisa

Lisa Mellows is a freelance illustrator currently based in the vibrant city of London. With a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail, Lisa brings her unique artistic vision to life through her captivating illustrations. She has honed her skills and developed a distinctive style that perfectly blends fun and quirkiness.

Lisa’s expertise lies in two main areas: editorial illustration and children’s illustrations. In the realm of editorial illustration, she excels at creating visual narratives that complement and enhance written content. Her illustrations breathe life into stories, articles, and publications, capturing the essence of the subject matter with her imaginative and thought-provoking artwork.





Princess Lilia flies away on the back of the big purple dragon ( her new friend), leaving the knight in shining armour looking confused and upset her missed his chance- picture book illustration created by Lisa Mellows Illustration
Odd Bodies Editorial Illustration of a girls sleeping by Lisa Mellows Illustration

When it comes to children’s illustrations, Lisa’s playful and vibrant creations instantly captivate young minds. Her illustrations are brimming with colours, whimsy, and charm, igniting the imagination and bringing stories to life. Through her art, she creates a world where children can embark on enchanting adventures and explore their boundless creativity. 


Lisa’s illustrations are infused with a sense of joy and personality that resonates with viewers of all ages. Her ability to convey emotions and tell stories through her art sets her apart, making her work a delightful addition to any project or publication.

Whether she’s working on editorial illustrations or captivating children’s books, Lisa brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to every project she undertakes. With her South African roots and her current home in London, her art reflects a rich tapestry of cultural influences, resulting in illustrations that are as diverse as they are captivating.






Commissioned work:

Full Moon Festivities- Lisa Mellows

Christmas in Africa- a collaboration with Margie Peel

Crabbie- Private Client

A Bear in Mayfair- Private Client

Dolly Doughnut- Private Client

Seasonal illustrations (Social Media)- Goose Lane Recruitment Agency

The Pig with a Wig- Evelyn Anders

5 Principle values illustrations - Mitchell House School, Squirrels nest

School illustration (Social Media)- Eaton House the Manor School

Goat with a Note- Evelyn Anders

Pfizer UK- inhouse spot illustrations for Joypfest

Mr Marmalade- The really

The owl with a scowl- Evelyn Anders

Milestone illustration- Baba Jay

Vincent Von Penguin- Private Client



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